Vision Therapy


Some vision problems cannot be treated adequately with just glasses or contact lenses, and are best resolved through a program of vision therapy. Our vision therapist is a well trained professional who functions to implement individually prescribed vision therapy programs, usually scheduled in-office on a weekly basis.

Grey Highlands Eyecare - Vision Therapy

Vision therapy utilizes various procedures to aid eye-mind-body coordination. This enables people to use their vision more effectively. Typical improvements noted as a result of a vision therapy program are clearer vision, improved memory, increased interest in reading, along with better comprehension, endurance and speed. Vision therapy also helps focusing problems, tired eyes, headaches, fatigue following visual tasks, light sensitivity, and aids depth perception, night vision and peripheral vision. The multi-sensory vision therapy that we use improves integration of vision with gross and fine motor abilities, speech and hearing, and rhythm and timing abilities.

A patient may enter into vision therapy to cure a number of different types of visual difficulties or to simply enhance their visual performance in some way. Some of the reasons our patients choose vision therapy are:

• Control and treatment of near point stress
• Learning related visual problems
• Eye turns, strabismus
• Lazy eye, amblyopia
• Sports vision enhancement
• Reduction of job related visual problems
• Improvement of near point concentration
• Improvement in visual efficiency

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